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    As part of our commitment to showcasing new, cutting-edge technologies and championing the start-up community we have partnered with independent business and technology consultancy, Baringa Partners, to showcase nine leading-edge tech start-ups, whose innovative and disruptive solutions are set to revolutionise the retail sector.

  • An overview of the 2020 Start-Ups:

    Loyalize Customer loyalty via existing payment cards White label loyalty. An API bolt-on that allows retailers to strengthen their engagement with customers by allowing them to add a payment card to their existing loyalty programme. Removing requirement for a plastic loyalty card or scanning a code at checkout - and means customers can automatically earn rewards on every transaction, online and in store.
    TokyWoky Customer community platforms TokyWoky provides retailers and brands with white label community platforms to help them gather their best customers and build their loyalty. TokyWoky believe communities are the only way for a business to deliver a message that customers trust at scale. Their custom community platforms help global brands gather, engage and activate passionate customers directly on their website. TokyWoky gamified white-label platforms, create a unique experience that boosts brand loyalty for your top customers and transforms loyal customers into advocates.
    3Dfy 3D assets/AI

    Develops state-of-the-art, AI-based technology enabling mass creation of 3D assets for e-commerce.

    SparkBox Pricing optimisation around stock reduction Sparkbox is a price planning solution for retailers. We use machine learning to reduce stock, improve profitability, and prevent over-discounting by optimising prices. Sparkbox helps retail merchandising teams leverage their data, understand the impact of their pricing decisions, and make the most of the inventory they already own.
    Peak AI AI enterprise technology AI company building a new enterprise technology category, the AI System. The AI System is an intelligence layer across a business, connecting systems and making them smarter. Delivers outcomes across the buying chain providing customers with an engaging and frictionless shopping experience.
    Quorso Supercharing store performance

    Quorso’s intelligent store performance platform delivers rapid value for complex, multi-site retail businesses. It helps store managers drive sales & fix issues as part of their weekly process. Retailers using Quorso to fix instore issues are rapidly growing revenue by 1-2%.

    Sensing Feeling Audience insights & engagement Our capabilities help providers of real-world customer experiences better understand their audiences through aggregated sensing of behaviours and interactions in physical spaces and live events in real time
    Whichit Changing the way marketers interact with their audience Whichit is an interactive commercial content platform that enables brands, marketers and advertisers to dramatically increase user engagement, return on marketing investment, open new revenue streams, and gain user-related insight. The company has developed innovative and proprietary technology that profiles users based on their preferences and use machine learning to provide bespoke commercial incentives in real-time. The creatives we build (SaaS model for self-serve also available) manifest online through image based surveys, quizzes, ;polls, that can be run in any digital environment in all ad formats including social and native.
    Parker Lane Group AI returns solution and physical reprocessing and recycling of returned stock Parker Lane Group provides a unique returns management solution to fashion retailers, alleviating pain points in the supply chain process. From managing and monetising excess stock, to garment repairs and recycling, they offer a range of solutions. Their modular service suite: Returns+™ can adapt to any business change, be it evolving consumer behaviours, manufacturing changes or even governmental pressures.
    • The Start-Up Safari at RetailEXPO has been great, we have met such a wide range of really key decision makers in retail. We've had a lot of really helpful feedback on our product and we've made a lot of really good relationships. Those relationships that we've made here today are going to make a real difference for us and for our business and for the businesses of our customers.

      • Taryl Law, CEO
      • How Do I?
    • The Start-up Safari from Baringa was massively valuable for us Increasingly. We met new customers and had great conversations that develop our vision of how we help the retail sector.

      • CEO & Co-founder
      • Increasingly
    • The Start-Up Safari at RetailEXPO been absolutely fantastic for us. We've had brilliant exposure to a range of brilliant, fantastic companies that are in the UK and also actually abroad as well. Lots of conversations that would have been, not necessarily impossible, but would have taken a long time to get through and break down those barriers, and we simply have people coming up, knocking on our door saying hello! Really good conversations, so hopefully we can have some customers off the back of this as well.

      • Philip Huthwaite, CEO
      • BlackCurve
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